What are the common multimedia interactive devices in Museum exhibition halls?

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-07-12

With the development of the exhibition industry and the continuous maturity and update of technical means, the use of multimedia in the exhibition space is becoming more and more popular, which is not new, and has almost become the standard means of modern exhibition space. Museums are no exception. What are the common multimedia interactive devices in museums? Next, let's follow Huayun vision to have a look!

1. Virtual commentator

The exhibition hall of the museum needs to reproduce the historical events, figures and historical objects of the past. If we just talk about some exhibits and figures and sculptures separately, tourists may pass by and forget them; But if we add multimedia interpretation, when tourists want to understand the culture of the exhibits, there will be a professional interpretation, virtual commentator, so that tourists can fully understand the content, and the impression will be more profound.

2. Giant screen cinema

A large part of the exhibition hall of the museum is the reappearance of historical events. Giant screen cinema can completely introduce the historical and cultural background, restore the historical scenes by using promotional films and three-dimensional digital films, and adopt 3D modeling technology and rendering technology, so as to more vividly, intuitively and vividly show the natural scenery, cultural landscape, folk and social conditions at that time.

3. Immersive experience

Virtual reality technology is to use computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, providing visitors with sensory simulation, so that users can experience the scene of walking in the historical scene as if they were on the scene.

4、360 degree holographic projection

360 degree holographic projection can suspend the three-dimensional image in the real sky, creating an atmosphere of fantasy and reality. The effect is unique and has a strong sense of depth, so that the audience can freely watch the historical and social customs from all directions. It can be combined with real objects to realize the integration of image and real objects, and can also be equipped with touch panel to realize the interaction with the audience.

5、Virtual book flipping

Virtual book flipping is virtual e-book, virtual e-book is like an open book, which can record rich information. Visitors can wave their arms to "flip" books, from left to right or from right to left, and they can also choose chapters to quickly find the content you want to flip, just like browsing an ordinary magazine. This is the surprise brought by the virtual book flipping system! This kind of virtual book turning is novel in form, has strong visual impact, gives people a sense of magic, and can display a large amount of information.

6、Ring screen system

Ring screen projection system is a multi-channel large screen display system composed of multiple projectors. It has larger display size, wider field of vision, more display content, higher display resolution, and more impact and immersion visual effect than ordinary standard projection system.






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