Advantages and characteristics of holographic display cabinet

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Based on the optical imaging combination of "real scene modeling" and "phantom", the holographic display cabinet projects the captured images (people and objects) into the main model landscape in the set box to demonstrate the development process of the story. In China, various museums, characteristic ancient towns, famous historical streets, theme parks and urban planning exhibition halls have also begun to be gradually applied. What are the advantages and characteristics of holographic display cabinet? The following is an introduction from Huayun vision:

Eight advantages and characteristics of holographic display cabinet

1、Technical parameters and advantages of holographic display cabinet.

2、It can achieve the perfect combination of video and physical objects, and the three-dimensional imaging of the picture is realistic, which is not limited by the intensity of ambient light.

3、The holographic display cabinet uses holographic and free floating dazzling images to provide an illusory and real visual experience.

4、The audio-visual effect of holographic display cabinet can be fully customized until it meets the brand and tone of the product and the company.

5、Holographic display cabinet has been giving out its high-end quality impression to attract consumers. It presents all-round plane effects through multi angle presentation of demonstration content.

6、Print ads can be seen everywhere in the most attractive way of scientific and technological display, which can resist the irresistible temptation of consumers. Since then, advertising has completely bid farewell to the print period.

7、The imaging system of holographic display cabinet is mainly composed of 360 degree holographic special projection equipment, image reflection system and display system, and high-performance graphics computer workstation.

8、The practical application of different design styles of holographic display cabinet. In a small area of specialty stores, you can display and promote commodities alone. In large shopping malls, it can be displayed in a queue to form a sense of scale visual impact. But no matter in any site.

Holographic display cabinet, with the above eight advantages, has been used in museums, automobile 4S stores, luxury stores, exhibition halls and other places for many years, and is also displayed in front of everyone with a very good display effect, even if a virtual product can be displayed completely.





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