What are the differences between conference integrated machine and teaching integrated machine

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Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, there are all-in-one conference machine and all-in-one education machine. Many people think it is a kind of equipment, so it will be confused. If you just look at the names, you may say that they are all in one machine, but you are looking at the first two words, one is the company, the other is education. In fact, there is a big difference between the two. Today, Huayun vision will introduce you from all aspects.

Let's talk about the similarities

1. Basic functions

"Writing, display and interaction" is the common demand of conference and education scene, and it is also the basic function of conference all-in-one machine and education all-in-one machine.

2. Hardware configuration

Whether it's business meetings or education and training, the requirements for display screen are very high, so they are equipped with explosion-proof, wear-resistant, anti vertigo HD display screen. Among them, the conference artifact is equipped with 4K HD display screen in the whole system, creating an industry precedent, only for users to have a better experience.

3. Cost effective

Conference all-in-one machine and education all-in-one machine are the breakthrough of inefficient tradition. They integrate the functions of computer, curtain, projector, audio and other traditional equipment and make a huge upgrade. It is self-evident that the cost of equipment purchase, installation and maintenance is largely reduced, and the cost performance ratio is high。

The difference between conference integrated machine and multimedia teaching integrated machine
  1、Different hardware configuration (operating system)

  The operating system is the soul of a machine.

The conference all-in-one is equipped with Android system, which is equivalent to a "big tablet". Simple operation, smooth and easy to use, meeting the basic needs of the meeting, easy to work; At the same time, you can purchase OPS module and choose windows system to meet the needs of professional video conference or windows system proprietary applications.

The educational all-in-one machine is built with Windows system. In order to facilitate teachers to prepare lessons, it installs more teaching software, which is more like a touch "big computer".
  2、Different application scenarios

The requirements of different application scenarios determine that they will develop into independent products, which is also the most essential difference“ Conference artifact "- just as its name implies, it is an intelligent conference tablet specially designed for conference scenes, which liberates conference efficiency internally and helps enterprises accelerate their growth; To enhance the image of government and enterprise, it usually appears in various conference rooms, office areas, large exhibition halls, etc.
 The education all-in-one machine for primary and secondary education, generally appears in a variety of primary and secondary classrooms, suitable for educational institutions.
  3、Different applications
  Conference all-in-one machine is used for business conference, so its own software is mainly meeting demand, such as WPS office software, screen software, video conference software, etc., And around the meeting scene, there are many practical small programs, such as timer, welcome interface and so on.

All in one education machine is oriented to education. The machine is equipped with intelligent teaching platform, children's Enlightenment comprehensive platform, interactive writing platform and other exclusive teaching application software. The teaching content includes children's enlightenment, primary and secondary education, covering almost all subjects such as language, mathematics, physics and so on. It can also support the expansion of network teaching resources and simulation experiments. The newly installed OPS computer module, 4G memory + 128G large storage space, supports more professional software installation, full-service education.

4. Shape design
  The all-in-one conference machine often represents the image of a company, so its appearance design is more concise, atmospheric, fashionable and stable, full of a sense of science and technology. It comes with its own aura, whether it is a variety of high-end meetings, office areas or large-scale exhibitions.
      Education all-in-one machine is to stimulate students' curiosity and creativity. It is more lively in appearance design, more colorful, and more in line with the aesthetic of children.

  After a series of comparisons, I believe you can see that although the two are always mentioned together, there are still many differences. The conference all-in-one machine is suitable for more scenarios, meets more needs, and adapts to more industries, including the education industry. However, the all-in-one education machine can not replace the all-in-one conference machine in many aspects.






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