Interactive slide screen

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As a new high-tech exhibition product, interactive slide screen is mainly composed of customized slide track, LCD, infrared sensor, light box and computer. Its major feature is interactive, and it is very popular in museums, memorial halls and other multimedia exhibition halls. The following is a comprehensive understanding of the slide screen information from the innovation dimension editor. Let's start with the concept in detail!

1、What is a slide screen?

The slide screen is composed of LCD, slide kit, node induction play program, background display board and other components, which can promote the front-end all-in-one display screen, slide to a node, and the LCD plays the corresponding content, which can be pictures, text, video, etc. Note: LCD can be: LCD TV, LCD advertising machine, touch all-in-one machine, LCD splicing screen, LED screen and other LCD display equipment. At present, touch all-in-one machine is the most widely used, and it can be matched with the size, such as: 32 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, 86 inch, 98 inch, 100 inch, etc Mature slide screen system.

2、 How many kinds of slide screens are there?

1.Dual interactive slide screen

With its own precise control mode, combined with the content interaction of the background wall, the slide rail automatically moves to the corresponding point to display its digital content, and slides to different positions to display different content. The display content can be pictures, text and video. The standard touch function of the slide screen can be set to the manual push screen mode with one key. The software display content can also be changed at will, and the functions of automatic cruise and return can be achieved. Display screen, multimedia control host, all steel high-precision electronic track and bracket, electronic sensor, slide interactive control software and content editing and other auxiliary materials.

2.Multi slide screen

Through the handle installed on the mobile track, and multiple splicing screens as a whole display, slide the handle to different points, and different contents will be displayed on the splicing screen. (generally applicable to the time axis display, for the development process of enterprises and the party)

3.Sliding rail screen

It is common to set multiple sensing points and content materials on the moving track of the screen with the light box as the background, and correspond to the content of the light box one by one. You can also push and pull the screen manually, and the points you pass will show different content.

4.Electric slide screen

The screen is driven forward by the electric device, and the virtual induction point is set to start or stop the power device. When the screen moves to the induction point, the corresponding content will pop up. The software display content can also be adjusted according to the needs, and additional functions such as automatic cruise and return are added.

5.Floor style Perspective

On the basis of the electric slide rail, the self inspection function and "perspective" function are upgraded. The pre made perspective film is installed on the software. When the slide rail screen moves, the screen will show the display items of "perspective structure". Through deep optimization, the perspective slide rail structure has been transformed into floor type modular assembly, which is easy to design, transport and install. Greatly improve the display efficiency of customers.

6.Virtual explanation

By shooting a real person explanation film, it is placed on the electric slide screen. According to the moving pace of the film announcer, the slide screen interacts with the physical exhibits. To create the ultimate effect of virtual characters to show the audience.

3、 What are the components of the slide screen?

1、Control program: to control the mobile motor, the interactive slide screen must rely on this set of control program and software system;

2、Guide pulley: use concave guide and convex pulley to complete sliding;

3、Tank chain: tank chain 3cm wide slotted more than 15cm deep to complete better sliding;

4、Pylon: pylon is used to hang the screen, customized according to the size of the screen;

5、Slide screen: you can use LCD screen, also can use LED screen, advertising machine, all-in-one machine, splicing screen, etc. now there are many occasions to use touch all-in-one machine to customize interactive slide screen.

4、 Application fields and value benefits of slide screen?

At present, the slide screen is used in many industries and fields, such as office, exhibition hall, exhibits, corridor, automobile, exhibition, sand table, Party building, advertisement, high-speed railway, multimedia, real estate, cosmetics, engineering Museum, guide, outdoor, museum, science and Technology Museum, digital exhibition hall, etc

Greatly enhance the exhibition effect for enterprises;

1.This kind of interactive way will attract more visitors to watch and better achieve the role of publicity;

2.LCD carries a huge amount of information, which can save more space than pictures and words, and can express more information that the organizer wants to convey;

3.Once the visitors come near the exhibition, the large screen system will start immediately, which truly realizes the automatic control. Multiple detection points can be controlled at the same time, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, truly realizing the power saving, energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection;

4.Even if the boring text image is displayed on the video, people will be interested in reading, and the burden of commentators will be reduced. The empty explanation will be transformed into a three-dimensional animation form, so that visitors can easily see it at a glance, and the release of exhibition hall information and product introduction will be more automated;

5.It can bring very good interaction, so that customers are no longer constrained by the explanation of the guide staff; customers are no longer constrained by the personal quality and level of the guide staff; the display is more specific and shocking, which can give customers a very deep impression.

The above sharing is about the detailed introduction and explanation of the slide screen! You see here, it should be very clear!





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