What is the process from design to construction of interactive slide screen?

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Slide screens are mostly used in expositions and exhibition halls. What are the design and construction processes of expositions or exhibition halls? Shenzhen Huayun vision will take you to understand today.

First of all, the whole process of the exhibition from design to construction is summarized as follows: communication, design, production and post maintenance
Communication is the premise of exhibition design and construction services, which affects the service quality of exhibition design and construction. Therefore, when providing exhibition design and construction services for exhibitors, we should have a detailed discussion on the exhibition design with the exhibitors, understand the relevant corporate culture, product features, exhibition content, booth area and other information of the exhibitors, and listen to the competition of the exhibitors So as to further determine the theme of the exhibition design.
Design is the key of exhibition design and construction service. Shenzhen Huayun vision has a professional and innovative exhibition design cooperation team, which usually designs according to the actual situation of the company. It can fully reflect the company's culture, characteristics and brand image, and show artistic and unique effects to a greater extent. Then deliver the first draft of the design to the customer, adjust it according to the customer's suggestions and feedback, and finally determine the design scheme, and both parties sign the contract.
The production of exhibition equipment and the construction of exhibition stand are the key points of exhibition design and construction services. In the early stage of providing exhibition design and construction services for customers, we need to make all kinds of exhibition equipment to meet the functional requirements according to the design scheme and Exhibition requirements, and meet the requirements of safety, environmental protection, space and functionality in the construction of exhibition stand. In this stage, we should arrange the supervision team of Shenzhen Huayun vision company to supervise the work regularly, and then report the construction progress and construction quality inspection regularly, so as to fully guarantee the safety of construction quality.

Post service is the guarantee of exhibition design and construction service. For the exhibitors in the exhibition about the exhibition design and construction problems, we should timely send professional personnel to help solve, so that the exhibitors can smoothly and successfully hold the exhibition, and in order to make the removal efficiency of the exhibitors higher, we should also provide removal services for the exhibitors.

The above is a set of exhibition from design to build process, a detailed summary of the exhibition design of a series of service process, education exhibition hall, I believe this dry goods to help you a lot! We hope our content can be applied to your design practice. Shenzhen Huayun vision will focus on providing one-stop solutions for the exhibition!






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