Why is the advertising machine so popular in the hotel

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2022-06-23

Fashion, high -end atmosphere, and upper levels have always been the fundamental seek of the hotel, so the hotel pattern planning is extremely important. In the early stage, in order to show the humanized effectiveness of the hotel and the customer -oriented service environment, the advertising machine has now been loved as an important element in the hotel plan.


Nowadays, driven by technology, the advertising machine tends to be diversified. The styles include a variety of styles such as wall -mounted, touch -type all -in -one, LCD stitching walls, vertical all -in -one machines, and online versions. Use in the hotel. First of all, as far as the hotel's increasingly diverse and personalized performance scene needs, the advertising machine can plan the planning and layout plan according to the different orientation characteristics of the hotel to meet the customer's scene needs.


For example: In the hotel lobby, put an intelligent interactive advertising machine, and once you can play the promotional media for customers entering customers, attract customers at the top of the list. Inquiry audio, maybe connect with mobile devices, end subsequent procedures such as booking or paying.

You can use wall -mounted or online LCD advertising machines in the hotel's public entertainment venues or corridors, channels, etc., which can provide intelligent and convenient handling according to network technology. For customers, it can update long -distance customized information anytime, anywhere. News, weather forecasts, property telling, game projects, etc. to enhance fashion entertainment for the hotel environment.

In the guest room, it can be used as an upgraded version of the TV. It can be used to complete a variety of leisure and entertainment programs that can be completed by mobile phones and accessible functions. It can be said that from the overall focusing on its beautiful, stylish appearance and excellent function of excellent functions and excellent advertising machines, it has improved the level of the hotel's effectiveness!


Therefore, it can be seen that the advertising authority is not only a benchmark for progressive images in the performance of hotels, but also a weapon for improving the quality of the hotel. In essence, the advertising function meets the requirements of the hotel with diverse characteristics on the requirements of flashing and effective quality in the hotel's arbitrary pattern, and then comprehensively gives the hotel environmental progress image and effective level, bringing excellent reputation and benefits!

There are good advertising machines, and there must be good solutions. As a leading brand of digital signs, Huayun Vision is rich in series of products with all advertising machines. Its professional technical foundation and high -quality effectiveness solution are the principles that companies have always used the maximum use value for users. For the diversified public efficiency place for the hotel, it can customize the best quality advertising machine flashing plan for users. In short, as long as you want to finish the effect, Huayun Vision will strive to plan the plan for you to help you reach the benefits you are seeking!






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