Taiyuan Hexi 46 inch 3.5 LCD mosaic screen scene installation effect diagram - Huayun horizon LCD splicing screen manufacturers.

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Shanxi Taiyuan Hexi Water Supply Marketing Branch Samsung 46 inch 3.5 LCD splicing screen scene installation effect chart-Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splicing screen manufacturer, Huashi Siyuan

Liquid crystal splice screen can be used as a monitor and can be spliced into a large screen. According to the different needs of different use, realize the screen split single-screen display or multi-screen display function: single-screen split display, single-screen display alone, arbitrary combination display, full-screen LCD mosaic, double mosaic LCD mosaic screen, vertical screen display, image frame can be optionally compensated or covered, support digital signal roaming, scaling Stretching, cross screen display, various display plans set and run, and all HD signals are processed in real time. The edge of LCD splicing is only 3.5mm wide, and the surface is also equipped with toughened glass protective layer, built-in intelligent temperature control alarm circuit and special "fast dissipation" cooling system. It not only adapts to digital signal input, but also has unique support for analog signal. In addition, there are many LCD mosaic signal interfaces. The analog signal and digital signal can be connected simultaneously by LCD mosaic technology. LCD splicing series products with unique and the world's most cutting-edge digital processing technology, so that users can truly experience the full HD large screen effect.

Samsung 46 inch 3.5 LCD mosaic screen parameters details






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