A case of touch function of LCD splicing screen belt in an exhibition hall of an enterprise in Shenzhen, a supplier of touch splicing screen of Shenzhen Huayun Shijie Technology Co., Ltd.

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The touch-splicing screen case is a cooperative project with an exhibition hall in Shenzhen. The touch-screen adopts the multiplex cross-matrix touch technology. It is a medium-sized touch-screen with the largest number of points in the exhibition. It is composed of nine 46-Inch standard screens spliced horizontally according to the 3x3 pattern. The number of touch points supported reaches 16. 

Transparent display screen can make the screen as transparent as glass, maintain transparency while ensuring the richness of color and display details of the dynamic screen, so the interactive display device can not only allow users to view the exhibits behind the screen close, but also allow users to communicate with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen. Each other. 
Huayun Shijie focuses on the development and production of multi-point infrared multi-point large-scale touch splicing screen, large-scale touch integration machine, liquid crystal touch integration machine, conference touch integration machine, large-scale splicing touch screen, large-scale splicing touch wall, large-scale ultra-narrow-edge splicing screen, large-scale Android advertising machine, large-scale touch advertising machine and so on. With its excellent product performance and sincere service attitude, the Intelligent Terminal Supply Equipment (ITS) has won wide acceptance from users in real estate, shopping malls, financial systems, exhibitions, museums, tourist attractions, entertainment places, retail and catering industries. 
Shenzhen Huayun Shijie Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with large-scale touch splicing screen technology, with first-class research and development team and complete independent intellectual property rights system.
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