A 55 inch LCD mosaic screen project in a seafood store in Guangdong Province - Huayun horizon LCD mosaic screen supplier.

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2017-10-18
he 55-inch LCD splicing screen project jointly developed by Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. and a seafood store in a shopping mall has been completed perfectly.
The ancients said: "food is the food of the people". The catering industry has always been the focus of attention. With the development of science and technology and economy and the improvement of living standards, competition in the catering industry has become increasingly fierce. To enhance the overall image of restaurants and enhance their competitiveness in many shopping malls. A seafood shop in the mosaic screen manufacturers many LCD mosaic display industry chose us Huayun vision to cooperate.
Huayun horizon inspected the seafood restaurant installation site, and combined with the actual situation and the installation needs of the partners, decided to use LG55 inch 2 * 2 LCD splicing screen splicing assembly mode splicing installation. The LCD mosaic unit uses a straight-down LED light source technology display screen, 4500:1 contrast; 10000K color temperature; specially designed for video display, high brightness and high definition, even in sunlight, still perfect display; ultra-narrow small seam in 1.8mm, and has a frame compensation function, highly restore the true picture.
55 inch splicing parameter】 

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