Jilin kindergarten 55 inch LCD splicing screen project - Shenzhen Huayun Vision Technology Co., Ltd. LCD splicing screen manufacturer case.

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Shenzhen LCD mosaic screen manufacturers Huayun horizon: Changchun Qian an kindergarten 55 inch LCD mosaic screen project case.
This splicing project uses 12 pieces of 55-inch three-star LCD screen splicing, using the original LCD screen splicing, with 1920 *1080 high resolution, 178 degrees wide angle of view, high picture quality display effect, brightness up to 700 CD /, display stability, long service life up to 60,000 hours, to meet the user for large screen display equipment Requirement!
LCD features: :
1.Long-term continuous uninterrupted work, can meet the daily start-up time of more than 9 hours, and seven days of continuous work without easy damage to display devices and splice processors.
2.Low cost: Compared with the investment of large enterprises and institutions and government projects, the overall price of bar splicing wall is relatively low.
3.Edge compression strength: edge of the display unit blanking, edge shielding processing to avoid the LCD / PDP device due to the black edge does not show the image deformation, picture inconsistency and so on.
4.Interactive: Different splicing walls for on-site interaction, while displaying the splicing wall of a row / column of the screen, or automatically run different display mode. Previously to achieve a more dynamic, modern display effect. Full digital built-in splicing processing module integrated solution, high-definition display, durable, an average of 60,000 hours of trouble-free, anti-burning screen, easy to heat, to ensure continuous and stable long-term trouble-free operation. 
55 inch LCD mosaic screen parameter details.






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