What is a digital multimedia exhibition hall?

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Digital multimedia exhibition halls are also known as digital exhibition halls, smart exhibition halls, and smart exhibition halls. The biggest difference from traditional exhibition halls lies in the exhibition format. The digital multimedia exhibition hall is a form of exhibition hall that uses digital display technology and multimedia as display technology to achieve human-computer interaction. In summary, it involves using various digital multimedia displays, integrating various high-tech technologies, and combining and applying media such as video, sound, and animation. Not only does it deeply convey the connotation of the content, but it also presents a stunning visual sense, greatly enhancing brand value.

The common digital multimedia exhibition items in the exhibition hall mainly include intelligent central control system, digital sand table, arc screen projection, holographic projection, phantom imaging, interactive projection, projection fusion, immersive projection, LCD large screen splicing, LED display, naked eye 3D projection, multi screen interaction, immersive space, immersive cinema, multi-touch, etc. These digital multimedia exhibition items each have their own characteristics and advantages, and are combined according to different content and application scenarios.

Advantages of Digital Multimedia Exhibition Hall

Breaking the limitations of time and space, harvesting the past and experiencing it in the future

Through virtual reality and various projection technologies, realistic virtual scenes are constructed to create an immersive physical and mental experience for the audience. These technologies can be applied to a wide range of areas, such as the museum's historical site restoration area, the space roaming area of the science and technology museum, the future outlook area of the enterprise exhibition hall, the scenic spot sightseeing area of the tourist attraction experience hall, the anti-corruption experience area of the anti-corruption exhibition hall and other exhibition areas. The application of these display technologies breaks the limitations of time and space, allowing visitors to travel through the past and future, and gain the ultimate experience.

Breaking Space Restrictions and Expanding Exhibition Capacity

The area of each exhibition hall is limited, and relying solely on traditional exhibition methods, the exhibition items are monotonous, and there are still many contents that are out of place. Moreover, it is difficult to fix the booth and update the content later, which are the most common problems in traditional exhibition halls. The digital multimedia exhibition hall has broken space limitations, expanded exhibition capacity, and can display massive amounts of information. Moreover, the intelligent central control system makes exhibition hall management more convenient, and the interactive query system can accommodate unlimited amounts of information, achieving information exchange; Holographic projection can restore and display ancient organisms, and interactive projection can make static images move. The comprehensive use of various interactive exhibition items can effectively enhance fun and content vitality.

Strong sense of technology in the future, enhancing brand image

Most exhibition halls require a certain sense of technology, not only to optimize the visual experience, but also to reflect a spirit of keeping up with the times. Especially for enterprise exhibition halls, a certain sense of technology is needed to demonstrate the strength of the enterprise and shape the brand image.






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