Characteristic of Teaching Touch Integrative Machine

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What's the price of a 42-inch touch-in-one machine? Where can I buy the right touch-in-one machine? With the rapid development of high technology, electronic products have entered millions of households, and the electronic products closely related to people are favored by most people. Touch-in-one machine provides convenience and saves time for people in business promotion, commodity inquiry, exhibition display, advertising, business inquiry and so on. How to choose a suitable touch-in-one machine in the touch-in-one machine with many products, and what's the price of the touch-in-one machine? It is of great concern to all of you. Today, Huayun Vision will tell you about the price, advantages and other related information of 42-inch touch-in-one machine.
Price of 42-inch touch-in-one machine, features of large-scale touch-in-one machine:
■ Multi-point gesture recognition, quick and smooth operation 
■ Super stable system support, quick and accurate response 
■ Vivid, intuitive, environmentally friendly, without affecting health
■More powerful and perfect functions
■ Greatly improve work efficiency and teaching effect 
■ Enhance the interaction between teachers and students and enhance students'interest
■ Distance learning and resource sharing can be realized through Internet
  1. Infrared multi-touch large display, browsing more convenient
  2. The response speed is fast and the touch handwriting has no delay.
  3. Touch does not require strength, and there is no special requirement for the touch body.
  4. With high touch precision, it can draw very smooth and delicate curves.
  5. Driver-free can support up to 10 points/300 inches, belt drive can support up to 32 points and above.
6. Objects operate on the surface of the touch screen without fear of damaging the display surface, which has little effect on the picture definition. 7. Conventional dimension is free of calibration. Special customized dimension is calibrated with Windows calibration tools. 8. Using FHD ultra-high definition and high-definition display screen, and stable professional structure design, bring you a better viewing experience. 9. Engineering-grade full-high-definition (FHD) LCD panels and good video processing chips can improve the display effect of high-definition images from a professional point of view, which is a good choice in the field of high-definition flat panel interaction.
  1. Installed with anti-reflective glass to protect the surface of LCD, it can protect the LCD from sweat, nails and hard damage, without special surface coating, high-definition picture, scratch-proof, dust-proof.
11. Strong anti-light, can be used normally under direct sunlight 12. Professional Interface, Wide Connection Performance
  1. The series is equipped with DVI of digital video signal, BNC, D-SUB15 core interface, USB control interface, etc. Among them, touch unit adopts full built-in mode, USB interface and other video interface are on the same plane, the interface is more reasonable.
14. Aluminum alloy narrow border design, showing high quality and high grade 15. The fuselage is made of all-aluminium alloy, the turning angle is arc-shaped, the surface is free of sharp edges or protrusions, and the back plate is explosion-proof, anti-collision sheet metal. 16. All the plug-ins are plated with gold/nickel and gold. The products are aged at high temperature to ensure long-term stability.





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