Seamless splicing screen opens the era of visual

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2020-04-08

With the rapid development of the LCD splicing industry, through continuous improvement of the splicing technology, the seam continues to narrow, 5.5mm, 4.9mm, 3.5mm, 1.7mm, 0.88mm, etc., ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen brings people's vision The effect is getting more and more shocking, and the feeling of stitching is getting smaller and smaller. The seamless splicing screen launched by Huayun Vision has broken the limitation of traditional stitching, and successfully achieved the visual "0 stitching" of the LCD splicing screen. The era of seamless splicing of splicing screens!

Huayun Vision seamless splicing screen adopts advanced splicing screen optical image compensation technology, adding LED luminous body to the edge of the LCD splicing screen, and adding a high-transmittance condensing lens package edge strip on the LED light source to easily restore the original There is an image separated by stitching to realize visual display without black frame and without physical stitching. Compared with the traditional LCD splicing screen, the 0mm seamless splicing screen makes the face of the person without splitting, and its ultra-high brightness, contrast, color saturation and other characteristics make the participant's image more restored. The large screen, multi-screen display, and clear and realistic display effect brought by the seamless splicing screen have greatly improved the work efficiency in the fields of monitoring, security, conference, simulation, etc.

Huayun Vision seamless splicing screen truly achieves borderless seamless, high-definition 1080P, high light transmittance, large viewing angle, no loss of images, and full-screen display of borderless full pixels. In video conference, there is no obvious segmentation when displaying human faces, and there is no black border to separate graphic data when displaying refined charts. When commanding and scheduling, it can be watched for a long time without hurting the eyes. During video monitoring, each piece can reach 1080P HD display. In the display mode, it can be used alone as a display, or it can be spliced into a large screen. According to different usage requirements, it can realize variable and large variable screen functions: single-screen split display, single-screen single display, arbitrary combination display, full-screen LCD splicing, double-splicing LCD screen splicing, and flexible selection of vertical screen display modes .

At present, the application fields of the seamless splicing screen of Huayun Vision have spanned various industries such as government, transportation, energy, finance, radio and television, entertainment, medical, education, commerce, etc., such as urban emergency command, traffic police command center, power monitoring, finance, Monitoring of water conservancy, transportation and other industries, and production monitoring of communities, public places and factories. The commercial development of seamless splicing screens has become a development trend, and a new era of "0 splicing" has begun!

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