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The touch all -in -one is a multi -functional all -in -one machine that integrates electronic cash technology such as liquid crystal display, touch screen, shell, wire, and related computer configuration. , Positioning, page turning, translation, classification, sound, self -service, explosion -proof, waterproof and other functions. Depending on the different use environments, the size can be customized. At present, the all -in -one machine all -in -one in the market is:22 -inch, 32 -inch, 43 -inch, 49 -inch, 55 -inch, 65 -inch, 75 -inch, 85 -inch, 86 -inch, 98 -inch, 100 inches, etc.,At present, major manufacturers are focusing on launching110 -inch and 120 -inch large touch all -in -one.

What are the characteristics of a touch all -in -one?

1. All functions of a single -machine version and online version of LCD advertising machines.

2. Provide good support for customized software. You can install software -based software at will.

3. Touch interactive interface, simple and easy to use, facilitate customer self -service inquiry and browsing target content.

4. Play file type: video, audio, pictures, documents, etc.;

5. Support video file format: MP4 (AVI: DIVX, XVID), DVD (VOB, MPG2), VCD (DAT, MPG1), MP3, JPG, SVCD, RMVB, MKV;

6. The power -on -power turning is automatically circulating;

7. Support the expansion of the U disk and TF card, you can choose according to your needs, 10M can store about 1 minute of video ads;

8. Playing medium: Generally use the body with self -storage, while supporting SD cards, U disks, etc.

9. Language menu: Chinese, English, and other languages can be customized;

10. Support the function of the flowing word, just store the flowing type of the flowing word directly in the card: you can circulate the advertising quotes, the flowing water is rolled below the screen;

11. Support the playlist function, you can set up a specified file every day;

12. With file rename, move, delete, and establish a directory function;

13. Support the breakpoint memory function: When the product is cut off after the power outage or other reasons causes the power supply, the advertising machine can memorize the program status before power off. After the power is turned on The embarrassment of restarting;

14. Support the OTG function, copy the program between the card and the card;

15. Play synchronization: synchronize with timing or add screen device synchronization;

16. Support the picture background music function (open background music function when playing pictures, background music MP3 will be automatically played in order, the mode of playing pictures can have a variety of modes in the middle to both sides, left to right, up and down, etc. The speed of play can be controlled by 5s, 10s and other time control);

17. Have a security lock function: have anti -theft lock function to prevent machine or storage equipment from being theft;

18. Have a password lock function: you can set the machine password. Each time you change the program, you must enter the password, so as to avoid human maliciously drop SD cards and play other programs;

19. Digital playback, no mechanical wear, can work for a long time, adapt to strong environment and strong shockproof performance, especially in the mobile environment, can be better;

20. High brightness, wide viewing angle, suitable for high -end users to display product needs;

21. The surface of the screen is installed with ultra -thin high -transmitting tempered glass protective layers to protect the LCD screen;

22. The special installation method of the backboard buckle is simple, firm and does not destroy the structure of the attached body;

23. Support vertical screens and perpetual calendar functions.

What are the types of touch all machines?

1. According to the type of touch type: capacitor, infrared, resistance, sound waves, optics and other different touch technologies;

2. Divided by installation: wall hanging, landing, horizontal type (K type, S type, L type) and custom model touch all -in -one;

3. Based on the place of use: industrial, education, conferences, commercial, coffee tables, books, signatures, preschool education and other venues;

4. According to aliases: smart touch all -in -one machine, intelligent all -in -one machine, digital sign, interactive query all -in -one machine, high -definition touch all machine, and touch all -in -one machine, etc.;

What specific matters do you need to know about purchasing touch all -in -one machine?

1. The product of the touch all -in -one itself, including parameters, configuration, function, system, scheme, application type, etc. related things related to the product itself, you can go to the computer motherboard what configuration, how large the memory, etc., you also need to understand the LCD screen. Resolution, refresh rate, brightness, etc. At the same time, the types and life of the touch screen must be detailed;

2. Touch all -in -one manufacturers. Before purchasing a touch all -in -one machine, generally need to understand the type of supplier of the touch all machine. Generally, it can be selected: direct manufacturers, agents, dealers and other suppliers;

3. Understanding the nature of the supplier's service, this requires understanding the time guarantee time. Generally, it is recommended to choose 3 years, as well as service methods. The development of the touch all -in -one has developed to the present. Many doubts about customers in use;

4. The price, the price of the touch all -in -one is also considered before the purchase. Generally, the most expensive product is not selected, but you must choose the most suitable product, not to choose the high configuration. If you choose Windows, use the i54 generation CPU, 8G run, plus 256G solid -state hard disks. If it is Android, you can choose to run 4G memory, plus 32 -inch hard disks without pursuing pursuit without pursuing The highest, such a price can be easily acceptable;

5. Suppliers need to have certain technical capabilities, such as once touching machines to find: failure, black edges, black screens, freezes, flower screens, blue screens, flashing, no sound, tactile is not sensitive, misplaced, etc. Then manufacturer technology should be able to help customers solve the ability to solve remote;

6. Pre -sales support capabilities. As a qualified touch -in -one supplier, it should be able to provide customers with support capabilities for pre -sales support for customers for free.





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