More touch all in one customization

More touch all in one customization

Touch all-in-one machine integrates advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies, can realize public information inquiry, multimedia teaching, daily office, hotel catering, etc., equipped with peripherals such as scanner, card reader, micro printer, etc. , Printing and other specific needs. It can easily realize various operations such as video playback, picture display, viewing, Internet access, annotation, presentation and interaction, multi-touch, etc., making application presentations such as conferences, training, classrooms, presentations, and queries more vivid, lively, efficient, and man-machine The interaction is more intuitive, convenient and convenient.

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Customized touch one machine features:

☞ The appearance of the fuselage and the built-in functions can be customized;

☞Metal shell design, the table is embedded with 4MM tempered glass, providing good protection;

☞Industrial-grade aluminum profiles and cold-rolled steel plates are not easily deformed, ensuring long-term unchanged appearance;

☞Ultra-thin LED LCD screen, high-definition and high-brightness images, showing perfect high-definition picture quality;

☞Multiple signal interfaces, support multiple signal input / output;

☞Low power consumption, zero noise, good heat dissipation design, support all-weather operation;

☞Infrared touch and capacitive touch are optional, with high sensitivity and fast speed, and human-computer interactive query is fast and without pause;

☞Professional industrial control motherboard, Intel high-end processor, support multi-touch;

☞Suitable for education and training, exhibitions, public media, video conferencing, military command, traffic management, etc.





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