Multimedia solutions for educational institutions

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Multimedia solutions for educational institutions

Multimedia solutions for educational institutions can help major universities transmit campus information to students in a healthy, standardized, rigorous, and efficient manner, improving work efficiency and image, creating a truly informationized digital campus, and providing students with the best information communication platform. Image construction and display: In addition to hardware facilities, schools also need to showcase their soft power image


Application: The historical features of the school, the development history of various departments, biographies of celebrities, introductions to key disciplines, visits from leaders, and many other information showcasing the school's charm can be promoted and displayed in real-time at the entrance of the main building, prominent public areas, and other places, allowing new students and visiting social groups to better understand the school.

Analysis of school application scenarios:

1. Campus entrance and main building lobby applications

Install LCD TVs and splicing large screens at the entrance of the campus, in the main building lobby, and in the halls of various departments and departments, mainly used to publish promotional videos, welcome speeches, announcements, and other information about school activities or departments. Its purpose is to promote the strength and image of the school.

2. Administrative Office Building Applications

Install one or more information release points in the lobby or elevator or staircase of the administrative office building, which is conducive to publishing school notices, announcements, news, meeting schedules, work instructions, learning policies, and meeting spirit. Its purpose is to enhance the recognition and visibility of information; Improved timeliness, accuracy, and coverage of information; Improved the school's execution and overall quality.

3. Teaching Building Applications

In teaching, fully realize multimedia teaching, interactive teaching, application of teaching materials, on-site demonstration, courseware annotation, courseware storage, discussion, large screen display functions, and convenient internet access, making various images, audio and video perfect display functions that users need.

4. Library Applications

Multiple information publishing points are installed in the public area of the library, which can publish information such as new book introductions, borrowing information, due date reminders, publication notices, and book types, which is beneficial for improving the work efficiency and quality of librarians; At the same time, multiple touch all in one machines are installed in the library, providing administrators and students with better access to the library's location, fast book searching, saving time, and better serving students.

5. Application of Teacher Rest Area

Installing information terminals in the teacher rest area is beneficial for teachers to relieve fatigue and improve the rest environment; You can also keep up with college notices, announcements, news and entertainment information in a timely manner. It is beneficial for teachers to improve the quality of teaching by combining the current social situation and case studies, thereby improving the overall quality of students.

6. Application of Student Canteen

Install information release points in the public area of the cafeteria, introducing food prices and menus, making it convenient for students to choose their favorite dishes while queuing, reducing waiting time in the queue, and interspersed with news, announcement notices, and other information content, which can reduce students' irritability in queuing and obtain more useful information, increasing the pleasure of dining.

7. Application of Student Dormitory

In the public area of student dormitories, information related to student life, such as dormitory hygiene evaluation status, inspection notices, emergency notices, major event news, daily life knowledge, and weather forecasts, can be posted.

Product advantages:

1. More flexible human-machine interaction:

Teachers can freely use their hands or pens to operate and demonstrate on the TV screen during lectures. You can adjust the courseware you make to your own requirements by zooming in, out, rotating, and so on.

2. More diverse content:

In addition to the teacher's extracurricular use, during break time, students can simultaneously browse information, watch cartoons, watch TV, and connect with high-quality classrooms to play high-quality classrooms. They can also access the resource library to achieve the function of campus TV stations.

3. Safe and reliable:

When not in use, the teacher can lock the blackboard in front of the TV, so that students can neither move the computer nor the TV, and there is no need to worry about students littering and damaging the TV.

4. Simple and beautiful:

After this design enters the classroom, we can only see a very beautiful blackboard, without any equipment, connecting cables, or operating consoles. The podium has remained as spacious as before.

5. Improved equipment usage:

It has achieved multi-purpose use of one computer, transforming passive teaching into active learning for students, and at the same time, the usage area of the blackboard has not been reduced.

6. Reduced repair and maintenance costs:

Compared to the projection used in traditional multimedia classrooms, it does not require regular dust removal and does not have the cost of replacing light bulbs (projection light bulbs have a lifespan, with each bulb costing around 2000 yuan).

7. Easy to operate:

This device can be operated by hand or pen, and can also be operated through the wireless keyboard and mouse provided randomly





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