Exhibition case of Leliu hardware innovation town

文章来源:华云视界 发表时间:2021-03-16

Leliu hardware town is located in Leliu street, with a total planning area of about 3 square kilometers. The construction of the town will be led by the hardware industry, including the home hardware characteristic industrial park, the living room of the hardware town, and the National Digital Center of the hardware industry. The construction of Leliu hardware town focuses on the upgrading project of village level industrial park, and promotes the continuous transformation of the whole gathering area from point to area. It is committed to building a hardware town with prominent commercial and cultural connotation, perfect community functions, vigorous development of cultural tourism, distinctive features, multi format integration and distinctive characteristics.

Real shot of Town Exhibition Hall:

In the exhibition hall, there are splicing screen, LED display screen, slide screen, wall mounted advertising machine, vertical touch all-in-one machine and other multimedia equipment to add scientific and technological color to the town. It is also equipped with a central control system to centrally manage and control the switch, volume, lighting and other equipment of various multimedia equipment in the exhibition hall, so as to create a good audio-visual effect.






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