Interactive slide screen solution

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Interactive slide screen is a new multimedia display solution. It is a touch all-in-one machine that can slide on the track. A display board or LCD splicing screen is arranged on the exhibition wall with similar coordinate axis as the background wall. At the same time, a group of sliding mechanical structures are installed in the front to hang the touch all-in-one machine. The rotation angle of the motor is calculated through the built-in sensor, so as to calculate the number of turns of the motor to obtain the real-time position. When the touch all-in-one machine moves on the track, when the sensor measures the corresponding position, the corresponding content will be automatically played, and the content can be pictures, words or videos. The electric slide screen is composed of customized electric slide, touch all-in-one machine (TV, etc.) and built-in sensors. The interactive slide screen uses a touch all-in-one machine to interact with the slide to control movement. The slide series is divided into manual slide and electric slide, which can be widely used in various display and publicity links. The product combines the physical product with the background picture content in a sliding form to show the customer in a new way, which is interesting and scientific.

1、 Introduction to interactive slide screen equipment

1. Control program: This set of control program is required to control the mobile motor and the interactive slide rail screen to slide.

2. Guide rail pulley: use guide rail and concave pulley to complete sliding.

3. Tank chain: the tank chain is 3cm wide, and the slotting is greater than 15cm, which can complete better sliding.

4. Rack: the rack of all-in-one machine is used to hang the screen, which is customized according to the size of the screen.

5. Slide screen: LCD screen or LED screen can be used. Now there are many occasions to use TV to customize interactive slide TV.

2、 Introduction to the principle of interactive slide screen

Through the specially designed mechanical slide control device, combined with the touch all-in-one machine and other display equipment, the interactive control of the screen content is realized. Through the real-time position information returned by the built-in sensor of the motor, different touch points are set at the corresponding positions. When the display moves to the set node, the relevant contents will be triggered, The display will automatically switch to the corresponding content.

3、 Interactive slide screen function

1. Playback function: the audience can switch the playback content by pushing, touching and remote controlling the LCD screen.

2. Touch function: it supports touch screen interaction, and then the LCD can display different corresponding contents through different contacts.

3. Storage function: various forms of expression and rich content. The playing picture is closely combined with the content of the background wall, which can be pictures, text or video

4、 Application advantages of interactive slide screen

1. This interactive way will attract more visitors to watch and better achieve the role of publicity.

2. The display screen carries a huge amount of information, which saves more space than pictures and words, and can express more information that the organizer wants to convey.

3. Once visitors approach the exhibition item, touch the slide screen to realize the automatic control of explanation, and multiple detection points can be controlled at the same time, making the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, so as to truly realize power saving, energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection.

4. Even if the boring text is vividly displayed on the video, people are interested in reading, but also reduce the burden of commentators and make the waiting more automatic.

As a high-tech exhibition hall display equipment, the biggest feature of interactive slide screen is its strong interactivity, which is favored in multimedia exhibition halls such as museums, memorials and so on.





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